Monthly District Chairman Meeting Minutes & Actions

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Program Committee Roles


Program Chair

Marlin Alford, Tom Harriz

a. Report to District Chair

b. Ensure District Chair are Trained.

c. Help Operating Chairs to recruit

d. Plan with District Exec

Training chair

Joe Schmidt, Tim Fletcher

a. Establish Training Objectives

b. Take part in Council Meetings

c. Plan, Schedule, & Coordinate annual district training program

Camp Promotion & Outdoor

Camping chair

Gary Stansel, Ed Fenton

a. Track each unit’s camping & outdoor record

b. Implement Council's Outdoor promotion plan

c. Give guidance on health and safety

d. Promote Youth Participation

e. Work with Commissioners

  • Day Camp (Ashley Steigerwald, Amanda Watson)

Activities & Civic Service

Open - Position Available

Activities and civic service chair

a. Develop & Implement Plan

b. Ensure activities in accordance with National Policy

c. Support & strengthen units

d. Promote & conduct displays and skill events

a. Spring Blast

b. Scouting for Food

c. Webelos-ree

d. Camporees

Advancement & Recognition

Open - Position Available

Advancement and recognition chair

a. Stimulate advancement & recognition

b. Ensure we are following national requirements

c. Establish District Goals

d. Facilitate the following:

a. Eagle Board…Joh

b. Merit Badge Counselors / Merit Badge University

c. Religious knot

d. Annual Adult Recognition Banquet