FAQ’s about Training Requirements

FAQ’S about Training Requirements

Q: Who has to take Training Courses?

A: All adult Pack and Troop Adult Leaders must take training courses to be in Scouting.

Q: What if I am not an Adult Leader, but a parent who wants to get involved?

A: If parents plan to get involved with the Pack and go out on Go See Its, Day Trips, Overnights, Day and Twilight Camps, and other activities and functions, they all must take Youth Protection Training (YPT,) in accordance with BSA rules. Rationale: If you are with your own child on a trip it is appropriate to be with them alone; but, that parent will be around other Scouts and Siblings and must know how to conduct themselves around them.

Q: How many courses must I take at a minimum?

A: As a new Adult Leader, you must take (1) Youth Protection Training (YPT), (2) Leader Specific Training, (3) Fast Start and should take (4) This is Scouting.

Q: How long do I have to complete Required Training as a Leader?

A: Once you have been approved to become an Adult Leader, you have (a) 30 days to complete Youth Protection Training (YPT) and a total of 90 days to complete the rest of your minimum, required courses.

Q: How often do I have to take these courses?

A: You must take YPT every two- (2) years. Once you take another course, it is only required once, unless there is an update and you would like to take it again. Also, every time your Den Moves up to the next rank, i.e. Tiger to Wolf , Wolf to Bear and Bear to WEBELOS, you MUST take the Leader Specific Training with the FAST START Training as well (Den Leader’s and Ass’t Den Leaders.) Plus, if you should change position with-in the Pack, i.e. Cub-master, Pack Trainer, Committee Member, then you must take the Leader Specific and Fast Start Training courses for those positions too.

Q: Where can I take these courses?

A: Most courses are offered on-line at

Q: Are there any other courses that I should take?

A: There are other courses that you will need in your tenure as an Adult Leader and are required when going camping, especially on overnights. Some of those courses are: Weather Hazards, Safety Afloat, and Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) Training.

Q: What other courses would I need to take for overnight camping trips?

A: It is recommended that the Pack have at least two Adult Leaders who are BALOO and Weather Hazards Trained for each overnight trip as well as a person (s) who are CPR Trained as well. Rationale: If only one leader on the trip is BALOO trained and that person must leave, then the whole Pack must leave the area too. Therefore, the more personnel we have trained, the better it is for the organization.

Q: What if a training course, such as BALOO is not offered online?

A: Courses, such as IOLS, BALOO, CPR, Wood Badge are offered at the District level as an in-residence course through the University of Scouting. This course along with Cubmaster, Charter Rep, Pack Trainer and Committee Member are offered at various times during the year. It is highly recommended that Adult Leaders take the In-Residence courses offered as a compliment to the Online Courses where a more in-depth discussion can take place.